I Made It! I completed all the Cancer Treatment

March 23, 2018, the day when I had completed all the cancer treatment therapy sessions. This is a very special event for me, it is one of my life’s accomplishments and looking forward to life’s new beginning. 

The staff of Bhorade Cancer Center and Dr. Thukral has made this time eventful for me. They had set up a graduation walk while playing my favorite song. They do this to all their cancer patients who’ll finish their treatments. This gesture has made me feel empowered and ready to take in the new chapter in my life.

After that period, I’ve been seeing my OB-Gyne Oncologist for follow up visits. They’ve been keeping track of my progress and I made sure to comply with the follow up tests I needed to be able to be on top of it with my health. I had another PET Scan done in October 2018 to see if there was any metabolic activity. These doctor’s visits, laboratory and radiology follow up tests were part of my lifetime commitment. Because in my situation, I don’t see my doctors rarely in a year, but I see them most of the time in a year. While on remission, I make room on my weekly schedule for them incase I needed to have an appointment. Setting up my life priorities and balance it, until I am officially cancer free after 5 years.

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